The Brand Concept

Fine jewelry in fashion is the ultimate accessory, the experience is reserved to a select few who choose this form of adornment.

It accentuates the innate attractiveness of each wearer and brings out their character, beauty and taste.

An accessory is a crucial point to styling an outfit.

It accentuates clothing and brings parts of the body to life.

Welcome to the world of AS where fine jewelry and fashion collide resulting in a dazzling array of beauty and elegance.

The History of AS

Men and women shine brightest when fashion and jewellery come together.

To live out her fascination for the craft, jewellery producer and designer Atsuko Sano opened her private salon in 2001, in Tokyo’s Aoyama district.

There, she has been developing various collections for wide release, while also designing made-to-measure and custom-made pieces.

In 2011, she set up her sales department in Paris, and has been unveiling her annual collections for men and women in the city ever since.

Atsuko Sano’s jewellery can be found in a highly specialised selection of concept stores and high-end jewellery shops worldwide.

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