Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are applicable to the sale of products featuring the AS collection brand by J.I.F Inc. (from here onward referred to as "J.I.F/AS"), which have been sold to customers through online shops or as-collection.jp (from here onward referred to as "the Site"). By purchasing products from the Site, or by declaring their explicit consent, customers agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, J.I.F's privacy policy, and any other terms and conditions published on the Site. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before accessing or using the Site.

Company Name, Address

J.I.F Inc.
Address: Minami Aoyama Court #203, 5-4-19 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0062
E-mail: jif@as-by-atsuko-sano.com


All orders are subject to written confirmation by J.I.F sent via e-mail. Once an order has been confirmed, it cannot be changed or canceled, unless stipulated by the law or these Terms of Use. When placing an order, the Site displays a summary page containing all the products selected by the customer, including information such as product photos, product code, quantity, unit price, and total price. It is the customer's responsibility to verify that all the details shown in the summary page are correct before placing an order.

Once the customer verifies the order, this information is sent to J.I.F for processing. J.I.F shall endeavor to match a product's color, design, and style as displayed on the Site. However, the product photos published on the Site are only samples; hence some discrepancies with the actual product may arise due to technical or other reasons. Consequently, J.I.F shall assume no responsibility for any such discrepancies found against product photos displayed on the Site or products sold by J.I.F stores. For any product enquiries, please contact us via e-mail (jif@as-by-atsuko-sano.com).

J.I.F cannot accept orders from underage customers.

Additionally, J.I.F may refuse orders from customers who have caused disputes in the past in relation to product orders, customers who have violated these Terms of Use, or customers deemed to have committed fraudulent acts. J.I.F may also refuse orders over $3,000 (including tax), or orders containing 5 or more items.

About the Products

J.I.F reserves the right to change from time to time the types of products available on the Site without prior notice to its customers. J.I.F shall assume absolutely no responsibility for any products that are out of stock, or which are no longer available. If a product chosen by a customer becomes out of stock after an order has been confirmed, J.I.F shall notify the customer via e-mail as soon as possible. At that point, the customer can choose to select a different product, or cancel the order altogether. If the order contains multiple items and only some of them become out of stock, the customer can choose to order only those products that are available for shipping, cancel the whole order, or select different products instead.

Confirmation of Orders

Customers complete their orders by clicking on the "Buy" button available on the Site. The orders are then sent to J.I.F for processing, after which point they cannot be changed or canceled unless stipulated by the law or these Terms of Use. Written records of all interactions between J.I.F and customers are kept by J.I.F for a fixed period of time. Should any dispute arise between J.I.F and a customer with regard to transactions performed on the Site, J.I.F may use these records to provide detailed evidence of said transactions.

Pending Ownership

All products ordered remain the property of J.I.F until product prices and delivery charges have been confirmed by J.I.F. J.I.F has the right to cancel any purchasing contract should any problems arise in terms of payments, or if J.I.F is unable to confirm product prices and/or delivery charges. Consequently, customers have the obligation to immediately return back to AS any products that had been shipped, if requested to do so by J.I.F. Product delivery shall be at the risk of the customer (including but not limited to loss, theft, and damage of products).


Please note that delivery charges will be applicable separately for each product within an order.

Delivery Schedule

J.I.F ships orders within 30 working days from the working day after payment has been completed. J.I.F is unable to indicate a specific delivery date. Deliveries are made by courier companies FedEx Express, DHL Express, United Parcel Service and Express Mail Service and are subject to their business hours. Once delivery has been completed, AS shall send the order's courier delivery number to the customer via e-mail. In some cases, orders containing multiple items may be dispatched in separate batches. In this case, as long as the delivery address remains the same, the customer's credit card will only show one transaction for the total amount.

About Delivery

The recipient may be required to sign using their full name at the time of delivery.

If the products do not arrive, or if they have not arrived at their destination after 14 days of the expected delivery date, please contact J.I.F immediately via e-mail (jif@as-by-atsuko-sano.com). J.I.F asks customers to verify the contents of their order after receiving their delivery. In the unlikely event of a discrepancy being found between the order and the products delivered, please contact J.I.F immediately at the same e-mail address. J.I.F will process a return or exchange in line with its returns policy.

Additionally, if a delivery cannot be completed due to the customer's unavailability, FedEx Express, DHL Express, United Parcel Service and Express Mail Service shall leave an attempted delivery note. J.I.F will then hold the products for 2 weeks; however, should there be no contact from the customer within those 2 weeks, the products shall be returned to J.I.F and the order shall be cancelled.

In the event of a recipient refusing a delivery, J.I.F shall notify the customer who placed the order to this effect, and shall ask the customer to choose between redelivering the products to said customer's address or canceling the order.


Please note that J.I.F is unable to accept exchanges or returns of products purchased from the Site.

Prohibited Resale

The resale of products purchased from J.I.F to third parties is strictly prohibited, regardless of reason.

Moreover, the supply of said products to third parties for purposes of resale is also prohibited.

Please note that if it is deemed that a product resale transaction has taken place, J.I.F may decide to take legal action against the offending party.


For any enquiries with regard to repairs please contact us via e-mail (jif@as-by-atsuko-sano.com).

Genuine Goods Guarantee

J.I.F guarantees that all products purchased from the Site are genuine AS products.

Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy are applicable to the processing of all personal information collected from customers in relation to the purchase of products from the Site. This Privacy Policy is applicable when customers browse products on the Site without making a purchase, when they register with the Site, and/or when they use any J.I.F services provided in order to purchase products on the Site. By using the Site, customers consent to the regulations stipulated in this Privacy Policy. Customers are requested to refrain from using the Site, if they do not wish to agree with this Privacy Policy.


J.I.F respects the rights of users to send notifications with regard to the collection and/or processing of their personal information.

In processing data that can identify a customer directly or indirectly, J.I.F applies the principle of strict necessity.

For this reason, the Site has been designed to ensure that the use of customer personal information is minimal, and that it will not deviate from the original purpose for which it was collected and/or processed. In particular, J.I.F shall not disclose customer identifiable information when the purpose of processing said data can be achieved by using anonymous aggregate information. The purpose of use of personal information is published under the "How Personal Information is Used and for What Purposes" section.

Customers should contact jif@as-by-atsuko-sano.com with any requests for disclosure, deletion, or collection of their own personal information. J.I.F will send any necessary forms by return. After filling in all the required information, the forms should be sent back to J.I.F via e-mail (jif@as-by-atsuko-sano.com).

How Personal Information is Used and for What Purposes

Customer personal information is collected and processed by J.I.F solely for purposes connected to the use of its services, and the purchase of products available on the Site. J.I.F shall not disclose any customer e-mail lists to any third parties with the exception of its affiliated companies. However, customer personal information may also be used for other processing tasks within the limits of the intended purposes. In particular, customer personal information may be processed for the following purposes:

  • When customers register with the Site, J.I.F shall use registration forms to collect customer personal information (for example: customer personal information such as user ID, password, e-mail address, gender, etc.) for the purpose of supplying services such as allowing net surfing, Internet browsing, web page browsing, and download access to areas of the Site accessible only by registered customers.
  • J.I.F collects customer personal information when processing transactions carried out by customers in relation to the products sold on the Site, including product purchases and shipments.
  • J.I.F collects customer personal information when customers request technical support. Customer personal information is stored in such a way that allows J.I.F to identify the customer only for a period of time that is strictly necessary, in compliance with the original purposes for collecting and subsequently processing said personal information, and in accordance with all applicable laws.
  • Customer personal information shall not be disclosed to third parties, except for J.I.F's affiliated companies, for purposes not permitted by law or without the customer's explicit consent.

Customer personal information may be disclosed to third parties only when it is necessary for processing an order placed by the customer. Moreover, customer personal information may be disclosed to the police or judicial authorities, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, it may also be disclosed for the purposes of preventing fraud against J.I.F (anti-fraud services), upon formal request by the authorities concerned. In all the above mentioned circumstances, data processing shall be carried out without prior consent from customers.

Customers are able to view web sites and pages supplied by J.I.F and its affiliated companies without disclosing their personal information. J.I.F uses users' personal information for purposes connected to the supply of services on the Site, the processing of sales and purchases of products on the Site and J.I.F stores, and for supplying information regarding new J.I.F business. J.I.F may access personal information of a third party which has been supplied directly to J.I.F by a J.I.F user. One example of such a case is when a user purchases a product as a gift, or when the person settling the payment is different from the recipient of the product.

In all matters relating to the disclosure of personal information of a third party, a customer must first obtain consent from the relevant third party and notify them of J.I.F's privacy policy before disclosing said third party personal information to J.I.F. Customers are fully responsible for any inappropriate or illegal behavior exhibited in connection to the disclosure of information or data of a third party, or in the case when the third party had not given their consent. Customers agree to be fully responsible for dealing with any losses, demands, or costs, including any relevant legal costs that may arise or be related to the disclosure of personally identifiable information of a third party without their consent.

Choosing not to Disclose Personal Information to J.I.F

Customer personal information that J.I.F requests from its customers, including e-mail address, address, credit card number, and telephone number, is necessary for the processing of orders for the purchase of products on the Site, for the supply of services provided by the Site upon the customer's request, or for fulfilling obligations arising from applicable laws and regulations. A customer's refusal to provide J.I.F with personal information may prevent J.I.F from processing the customer's order for the purchase of products sold on the Site, and it may cause J.I.F to refuse to provide other services supplied by the Site such as customer support services. A customer's refusal to provide J.I.F with personal information may cause J.I.F to refuse to process the customer's order for the purchase of products sold on the Site or to provide other services supplied by the Site. The disclosure of personal information by a customer to J.I.F, except when required in order to fulfill legal or contractual obligations or to provide the services requested by the customer, is done at the customer's discretion; a customer's use of the Site or its services, has no effect on the customer's purchase of products on the Site.

Security Measures

J.I.F has adopted physical, electronic, and managerial security measures to protect personal information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, and against other unlawful forms of data processing, as stipulated in J.I.F's Privacy Policy. Although J.I.F has adopted these security measures for the protection of the Site and the transmission of data and information through the Site, J.I.F cannot guarantee to be able to prevent or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data.

J.I.F advises that customers fit their computers with software devices that protect data when it is being transmitted or received over the network (such as up-to-date antivirus systems, personal firewalls, and personal anti-spyware). Additionally, J.I.F recommends that customers verify that their Internet service providers are taking appropriate measures for the secure transmission of network data.

J.I.F will always endeavor to do its utmost best in the running of its business by complying with its Privacy Policy in order to protect the confidentiality of customer information. However, under no circumstances shall J.I.F assume any responsibility for being entrusted with information supplied by customers. Neither shall J.I.F assume any responsibility toward customers where personal information has been made public accidentally by J.I.F, or where third parties have obtained personal information without J.I.F's consent.


J.I.F uses automatic systems such as cookies for the purpose of data collection. A cookie is a small data file that is sent to the hard drive of an Internet user. Although cookies do not include intelligible information, they do allow J.I.F to access an Internet user's personal information which was supplied by said user through the Site. Cookies are transmitted from J.I.F servers; however, nobody is able to gain access to information stored in those cookies. Only J.I.F can process information collected by cookies in a collective and anonymous way. This information is processed to ensure that users' preferences are reflected accurately on the Site and any other services supplied by J.I.F.

Internet browsers normally allow the deletion of cookies at the end of each session. Customers' Internet browsers should have instructions available on how to enable the deletion of cookies. Please refer to these instructions if you wish to delete cookies in this way.

Customers are required to consent to J.I.F's use of cookies and automatic collection of data in order to take advantage of many of the features and services (such as the purchasing of products) supplied by the Site. If customers were to change their browser settings to block or delete cookies, J.I.F cannot guarantee their access to all the features and services supplied by the Site (for example, customers may not be able to display images of the products they want to purchase on their computer.)

Opt-in/Opt-out (Consenting/Refusing to be Sent Information)

J.I.F sends commercial communications such as advertising material or direct marketing, which are unsolicited or unnecessary for supplying services requested by customers (including making purchases on the Site), only with their prior consent.

J.I.F may process customer personal information without their consent, if necessary, in order to comply with, or when permitted to do so by Japan's laws and regulations. Additionally, J.I.F will also process customer personal information, if necessary, for supplying services requested by the customer (such as making purchases on the Site).

Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks

All trademarks, logos, service marks on the Site (from here onward referred to as "Trademarks"), are registered or unregistered trademarks of AS or its subsidiaries. J.I.F does not grant the right or license to use any Trademarks or content on the Site, without prior written consent from J.I.F. Customers are granted permission to replicate the contents of the Site, either electronically or in paper form, only for non commercial purposes in relation to placing orders or shopping on the Site. In all other cases, the use of content or information on the Site without obtaining prior written consent from J.I.F is strictly forbidden.


All content included in the Site is subject to copyright held by J.I.F. All copyrights are the property of J.I.F.


These Terms of Use are subject to Japanese Law, under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in Japan as the court of first instance.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

J.I.F shall assume absolutely no responsibility for damages of any kind arising from the use, or in relation to the use of the Site. J.I.F shall assume absolutely no responsibility for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages or losses caused by deficiencies or errors found in the information supplied by the Site; for the use, or erroneous use by customers of said information; or for the credibility of said information; unless stipulated by applicable consumer protection laws, or insurance laws and regulations.

Binding Agreement

These Terms of Use stipulated by J.I.F are deemed to be the final binding agreement between J.I.F and the customer.

Privacy Policy

Fundamental Policy

We, J.I.F Inc. and companies in our group recognize the importance of your, the customer's, personal information (information that can identify you) and will work to protect your personal information as laid out in the following privacy policy.

Acquisition of Personal Information

You may provide us with personal information in the following situations:

  1. When you purchase our products
  2. When you request repairs on our products
  3. When you use our homepage
  4. When we conduct planned, implemented, and approved sales promotions

If we collect your personal information in situations other than those listed above, we will inform you of how we intend to use it in advance.

Purpose of Use

In order for us to suitably protect your personal information, we will use it only either in the following cases or within the bounds of a purpose we express clearly to you in advance.

  1. We may send you notifications regarding product shipment, related after-sales services, or information about new products, current products, and services in the course of our sales activities.
  2. We may send an invitation or notice about events, campaigns, etc. that we host or sponsor.
  3. We may ask you to help us with surveys to improve our products or services.

Secure Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent loss, corruption, falsification, leakage, or unauthorized access of the personal information you give us, we implement reasonable and necessary secure data management measures. We also periodically conduct reviews of these measures.

Joint Use

In order to provide you with effective overall service when our company and the companies in our group, as well as certain partner companies that we have operating agreements with, work together, there may be joint use of the personal information you give us.

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide or disclose your personal information to third parties without your permission other than inside our company or the companies in our group, certain partner companies we have operating agreements with, and credit card companies, except in any of the following situations: 1. If disclosure is demanded by law 2. If it is necessary to assist a government agency, a local public body, or an agent appointed by them in performing duties required by law, and there is danger that asking you for permission will interfere with the performance of those duties 3. If there is fear of notable impediment to our company's proper operations

Modifications to Privacy Policy

We may revise this privacy policy due to changes in purpose of use, improvements to security, etc. If there is a major modification, we will notify you on our homepage.

Requests to Release, Correct, or Erase Personal Information, or to Cease Sending Printed Advertisement Materials or Business Information

If we receive a request from you regarding your own personal information in any of the following cases, we will respond appropriately and within reason.

  1. (Release)
  2. Correct, update, or erase
  3. Cease sending printed advertisement materials or business information

We may ask for proof of your identity if you initiate any of the procedures above. Alternatively, if the request is made by proxy, we will only proceed after confirming your proxy's authority to represent you.

For inquiries concerning personal information, please contact the address below.

Point of Contact: J.I.F Inc.
E-mail: jif@as-by-atsuko-sano.com

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