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As we all know, Chinese characters are made up of ideograms. Some of them are pronounced in the same way, but have a different meaning; this is the case with "RIN".

Here are five different representations of the word "RIN", as well as their meaning, which served as the inspiration of the new AS:

1. 輪 - reincarnation and harmony, essence of our brand logo, AS circle

2. 凛 - beautiful and courageous state of mind

3. 倫 - ethical, respectable relationships

4. 厘 - unit describing a thousand to one, being precise

5. 燐 - fire, passion, fight, book of army strategy

Although RIN has various meanings, each represents essential state of being. All those RIN questions about simple spirituality.

AS has been trying to capture the essence of complexity of our world, and express it in pure designs.

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